Sep. 22nd, 2009

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After Stormhold Singing on Sunday, which was much fun, I've been collating some old links I had on period singing and following some new ones.

Baroness Cecilia's Essential SCA Songbook is quite awesome, particularly when one's work printer has Booklet Maker functionality. :)

In my travels, I also found an origin story for the "Happy Birthday [grunt]" song (known by many other names), and it is Caid, AS XII! I first heard this song in choraldom but from choristers with some or a lot of overlap with SCAdians so it shouldn't be too surprising it's an SCA song.

I'm also trying to promote the Lilypond format in SCA circles, as currently most people use Noteworthy which costs money and makes less pretty sheet music. I note that Baroness Cecilia of Ildhafn uses Melody Assistant which is shareware and her songbook is pretty, so that might be worth a look. There is an open source addon to Noteworthy that apparently converts NWC files to LY files too.

A source for more Stormhold Singing:
Aaron Elkiss is an early/renaissance music buff who posts LY files of period songs to the Choral Public Domain Library.

Edited to add:
Daisy Abbott has Lilypond created sheet music and separate part MIDI files for April is in my Mistress' face for next month.

The other song suggested for next month, Three Country Dances, can be found in Baroness Cecilia's Songbook linked above.

Edited again to add a link to Known World Virtual Songbook for [ profile] lizziesilver.


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